1/2 Kegs "The Big Ones" -
21st Amendment "Brew Free or Die" IPA $199.99
Anchor Steam* $199.99
Anderson Valley (Boont Amber & Hop Ottin' IPA) $187.99
Blue Moon $207.99
Budweiser and Bud Light $174.99
Coors & Coors Lite $174.99
Dos Equis $197.99
Guinness $216.99
Kona (Longboard Lager) $207.99
Lagunitas IPA $215.99
Lost Coast (Great White) $223.99
Miller Hi-Life $113.99
Modelo (Especial & Negra) $199.99
New Belgium (Fat Tire Amber) $199.99
Pacifico $197.99
Paulaner* $201.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon $113.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $223.99
Shock Top $179.99
Stella Artois* $203.99
Stone IPA $209.99
Tecate $171.99
1/4 Kegs "Pony Kegs" -
Coors & Coors Light $89.99
Bud Light $89.99
Lagunitas IPA $126.99
Modelo $110.99
Pacifico $110.99
5.0 Gallon Cylinder -
Anchor Steam $97.99
Anderson Valley (Boont Amber & Hop Ottin' IPA) $103.99
Bud $62.99
Kona (Longboard) $99.99
Lost Coast (Great White) $106.99
New Belgium (Fat Tire Amber) $106.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $109.99

 All kegs, in RED, are kept in stock, cold and ready to go, all others must be ordered in advance (special orders require 2 - 3 days notice, preferably). Please call for availability. All kegs must be registered to an adult 21 or older with valid state ID at time of purchase. They must also be returned by an adult 21 or older.

There are no hidden costs associated with our keg prices. All of the prices listed below include a tap and tub rental, ice, and the mandatory sticker required by the ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control). Many stores advertise low prices but have hidden costs with the final transaction. Not here at U-Save. What we say, you pay.

The 1/2 keg is the largest keg available to retail customers. It is what you think of when you think "keg". It contains 15 1/2 gallons of beer, equal to 165 12-oz. cups. The 1/4 keg is the "pony" keg. It contains 7 3/4 gallons, or 82 12-oz. cups. We do not fill kegs.

DEPOSITS: There is a $50 deposit for each keg, a $15 deposit for a tub, and a $65 deposit for a standard tap. Kegs on this list which are followed by an asterisk (*) require a special tap, for which there is a required deposit of $100. In addition, these kegs contain 13.2 gallons of beer. Deposits will be refunded upon return of working equipment. Deposits are cash or credit card only.